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Traduttrice freelance Ilaria Petri

Vuoi una traduzione professionale e che dia valore al tuo lavoro? Contattami per un preventivo.

There are many online sites that offer free and automatic translation services

in many language combinations.

Free translations but also approximate and inaccurate ones. A translation of this type could help to understand a text in a foreign language but it can never replace a physical person work, in this case a translator. 

Why do you have to contact a Freelance Translator?

Simply read this exemple and see the difference between a translation done by a real translator and an automatic one done by a machine translator.

John, a bachelor who studied at Oxford, followed a PhD program in natural sciences in Berlin and wrote a doctoral dissertation on the North Pole bachelors. 


Free Online Translation

John, uno scapolo che ha studiato a Oxford, ha seguito un programma di dottorato in scienze naturali a Berlino e ha scritto una tesi di dottorato sugli scapoli del Polo Nord.

– or –

John, un scapolo che studiò ad Oxford seguì un programma di Dottorato nelle naturali scienze a Berlino e scrisse una dissertazione di dottorato sugli scapoli di Polacco di nord.

Translation by a Real Traslator

John, un laureato che ha studiato a Oxford, ha seguito un programma di dottorato in scienze naturali a Berlino e ha scritto una tesi di dottorato sulle foche spaiate*.

(*) tipologia di foca che rimane senza compagna durante la stagione degli amori.

Translations from English, French and German to Italian

In order to have a precise and accurate translation, the translator must have an almost perfect knowledge in the so-called target language, normally traceable to the belonging mother tongue. Being a native speaker of the language to which you translate, means that you have a wider range of nuances, idioms and expressions available, significantly reducing the possibility of making mistakes.

For this reason the language combinations I offer are mainly three, all towards Italian:

traduzioni francese inglese tedesco italiano

Translations towards other languages

However, the combinations may vary depending on the type of translation (at the discretion of the translator). In this case, although I am not a native speaker in the languages I translate to, I believe I have reached a linguistic level that allows me to do my job in the most professional way.

Therefore, more combinations are added, such as:


( for these combinations the estimated cost will be slightly higher than the previous combinations towards Italian)


Translating takes time, meticulousness and attention to every single detail. My aptitude for precision allows me to pay great attention to the use of terms and definitions concerning different specialized areas. 


For this reason, my translations cover various fields of expertise.

  • Environment
  • Architecture / Art
  • Insurance
  • Business / Commerce
  • Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs
  • Private Correspondance / Letters
  • Cooking
  • Legal Documents / Contracts
  • Energy – Automotive – Cosmetic – Mechanic Industry
  • Civil Engineering / Constructions
  • Internet Sites / E-commerce
  • Marketing and Advertising Material
  • Medical / Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Fashion
  • Music
  • Religion
  • Sciences / Social Sciences
  • History / Archaeology
  • Literary Translations
  • Travel / Tourism
Sworn Translations available in Grosseto and OnLine

A Sworn Translation (also called Certified Translation or more commonly “official” Translation) is a translation that must be authenticated at the Court, the notary or the consular office. It implies the signature and the stamp of the translator and the compilation of an oath report always by the translator. Everything is attached, signed and stamped by a court official (or the notary or the consular official) and recorded.
This process requires a stamp duty of €16 per 100 A4 rows.

The Legalized Translation is a completely different matter. This depends on the foreign country in which the document is required.
If the receiving country accedes to the 1961 Hague Convention, then it is sufficient to obtain the stamp of the Apostille.
If, on the other hand, the documents are needed in a country which does not adhere to the Convention, a first legalisation of the Registrar’s signature on the sworn translation could be carried out at the Prefecture or the Public Prosecutor’s Office (depending on the document) and then a second legalisation at the foreign diplomatic/consular representation for the country of destination. The procedure depends on the law of the State of destination, so it could be subject to variations in relation to this double legalization, requiring only one.
NB: since February 2019 (EU Regulation 2016/1191) legalization and apostille are no longer necessary for some public acts (specifically marriage certificates, birth, citizenship, etc.).

So a sworn translation needs to be legalized if it is to be sent abroad, while if it remains in Italy it does not need any legalization (with some exceptions). On the contrary, a legalized translation will always have to be sworn in at the Court.
Ilaria Petri - Freelance Translator


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